Interreg Europe CECI Project. Partner´s Interregional meetings

  • Dirección General de Cambio Climático y Educación Ambiental
  • Servicio de Planificación Ambiental
  • Economía circular
  • Medio ambiente

  1. Interreg Europe is committed through CECI in a cross-border cooperation between regions, so that through mutual learning, the exchange of experiences and knowledge, a change of consumption patterns of citizens is achieved and they are oriented towards the prolongation of the lives of the products, through reuse and restoration, sharing circular economy solutions.

  2. Second meeting

    The covid-19 pandemic has prevented the holding of the second meeting, planned to be held in the city of Marseille. Therefore, online meetings were held on June 3 and 18.

    Presentation of Aragón:


General Directorate of "Cambio Climático y Educación Ambiental"

Government of Aragon



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