Interreg Europe CECI Project. Dissemination events

  • Dirección General de Cambio Climático y Educación Ambiental
  • Servicio de Planificación Ambiental
  • Economía circular
  • Medio ambiente

These are dissemination actions aimed to people or entities which are not agents involved in the project. A dissemination action can be:

  • internal, if it is directed at personnel of Aragon Government, partner of the project
  • external, opened to the society

Interreg Europe CECI dissemination event

Forum of Local Entities por a circular economy in Aragon (July 2, 2020)

Participante del foro de entidades locales para una economía circular

University of Zaragoza course about objectives and goals of the SDGs” (March 17, 2021)

The General Directorate of Climate Change and Environmental Education presents de CECI Interreg project in a course on Sustainable Development Goals, organized by the University of Zaragoza, on the Teruel Campus The Government of Aragon is one of the eight partners in the interregional cooperation project Interreg Europe CECI, focussing on the key role of citizens in the circular economy. The General Directorate of Climate Change and Environmental Education carried out, last March 17th, an external dissemination event of CECI project, participating in the course on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) organized by the University of Zaragoza - Teruel Campus. At this event, the General Director Marta de Santos presented the challenges and opportunities of the circular economy and its link in the Waste Management Plan of Aragon (GIRA Plan). CECI's development status was introduced by the Environmental Planning Service, after which two CECI stakeholders of Aragon presented their good practices related to the project.

Varias personas participando en el curso ODS Teruel


Internal dissemination meetings of the Interreg Europe CECI Project

Presentation of the project in the General Directorate of Climate Change and Environmental Education (July 30, 2020)

At the meeting, the staff of the Environmental Planning Service and the Contaminated Soil Service learned in detail about the objectives, actions and materials of the CECI project.

Reunión de personas trabajando en el Proyecto Interreg Europe CECI


General Directorate of "Cambio Climático y Educación Ambiental"

Government of Aragon


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