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“Citizen involvement in circular economy implementation” (CECI) Project

Ilustración del Proyecto Europeo Economía Circular INTERREG CECI

Logotipo de CECI (Citizen involvement in circular economy implementation) Interreg Europe

General information

The Directorate General for Climate Change and Environmental Education, of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment, participates as a partner of the international project CECI (Citizen involvement in circular economy implementation), framed within the fourth call of the Interreg Europe program.

The project that is funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and has a total budget of 1.508.765 euros.


CECI aims to influence regional policies through the promotion of the circular economy by promoting citizen participation and raising awareness about sustainable consumption, all in accordance with the principle of waste hierarchy of the European Union (EU). This principle establishes an order of priority in the development of waste policies, in which the first option is waste prevention and reduction, in line with the objectives of the EU Circular Economy Package.

Additionally, CECI reinforces the measures that the General Directorate of Climate Change and Environmental Education of the Government of Aragon includes in its Integral Waste Management Plan, GIRA Plan 2018-2022.

Changes in citizenship consumption patterns will be essential to extend the life cycle of products, through reuse and restoration, sharing circular economy solutions such as digital platforms, repair services and new technologies and creating new opportunities for business based on the circular economy and green growth.


CECI is made up of a total of eight partners with a clear interest in the development of the Circular Economy and belonging to France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland and Spain and being the Project Coordinator Lahti University "Applied Sciences "from Finland.

Project Phases

The CECI project has a first three-year implementation phase and a final one-year follow-up phase.

In the first phase (August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2022) and at the regional level, the main activities focus on identifying good practices in citizen participation and developing action plans to improve policy development instruments. The fruits of the process will be shared with other regions at interregional meetings. These meetings will also include training and workshops to increase knowledge about methodology to develop citizen participation.

In the second phase (August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023), the associated regions will monitor the implementation of their action plans.

All involved parties meetings in Aragón

Partner´s Interregional meetings

First Meeting in Lahti (Finland) : 3-4 December 2019


Newsletter Europe CECI


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Government of Aragon

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