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Strategic Plan 2015-2018

This strategic plan is the result of a long internal self evaluation and reflection process. As a final step, ACPUA implemented a participation process in order to include all stakeholders in the creation of the final document. After an initial survey, on February 2015 ACPUA  invited all its collaborators and the general public to participate in a working meeting (focus group) to discuss the Strategic Plan draft and suggest additions or edits.

This draft had been prepared taking into account the feedback of a representative group of stakeholders: In Fall, ACPUA sent a survey to a group of 139 collaborators and representatives of Universities, Administrators, students, business world, etc. The survey asked feedback in order to identify the agency´s situation through a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). The results of the survey were returned to the collaborators.

A varied group of people participated in this meeting: representatives of the Aragon Government, University personnel (Vice Rectors, Vice Daens, and Directors), students, business representatives, trade unions representatives, etc.
During this working session, the group discussed different point of views and ideas about ACPUA's strategic vision as well as its role in Aragon. All the comments and ideas were noted and incorporated to the final document, was presented to the Agency's Governing Board in May 2014 for its final approval.

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