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Complaints and appeals

Please submit to acpua@aragon.es any complaints, appeals, comments or suggestions you might have including the following information: Name, contact information and rationale for your claime.

ACPUA is a public Agency and thus ruled by Public Law: its activity is subject to the Administrative Law, which is especially careful in safeguarding the rights of reviewees against public administrations through the appeals mechanism

Appeals are challenges to specific decisions, in specific circumstances. Through an appeal, reviewees can question or refuse the formal outcomes of QA process (proving an outcome is not based on sound evidence, that criteria have not been properly applied or that the processes have not been consistently implemented).

All of ACPUA's final decisions take the form of a Director’s Resolution, which always include information about the specific appeal mechanism and timeframe. Moreover, many relevant technical decisions (such as publishing a protocol or the members of a Committee) are also a Directors’ Resolution and thus subject to appealing. Likewise, whenever ACPUA forwards a review report to a higher body (Education Ministry or University National Council, for example), the final decision (in the form of a Resolution as well) is also subject to appeals in the form and deadlines stated.

Complaints, claims, suggestions
Complaints and claims express dissatisfaction. Complaints or claims can be filled by anyone dissatisfied with our service (e.g. complaints about ACPUA’s staff or collaborators work or conduct, about the accuracy of the information provided, about a review that has not been conducted according to the published method, etc.).

Given that ACPUA’s activity is a public service, the internal procedure to handle these is based on a regional law (Royal Decree 91/2001). Complaints and appeals will be handled according to ACPUA`s Complaints and Appeals Procedure.

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