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ACPUA Seminars 2016

One of ACPUA´s main goals is to promote quality within the university system in Aragon. To fullfill our mission, we must combine our quality assurance and evaluation tasks with a vision for continuous improvement in education.One of our most important goals is to promote a culture of quality in higher education. Within the Agency, we consider that carrying out periodic seminars to reflect and discuss about quality in higher education is an innovative, adequate and useful way to contribute towards this goal.

If you would like to receive invitations and information to attend our montly seminars, please submit your information here

Connecting university and business: Industrial Doctorate Programmes

  • June 27th 2016, 12:00 h.
  • Sala Jerónimo Zurita, Edificio Pignatelli


Two funcions of Quality Assurance apply to the new industrial doctorate programmes: accreditation of official programmes (extensive in the near future to Doctorate programmes) and the need to detect higher education needs in the business world.



  • April 14th 2016, 19:00h
  • CMU Cerbuna

The cinema has always paid attention to the university world. This interest is no doubt explained by the remarkable function of socialization and transition to adult life that university campuses have in the US.  Or maybe, simply, because the university is a place of youth and passion for knowledge and the cinema, as Truffaut used to teach, loves and cares for what is alive.

With this new activity ACPUA wants to foster discussion about visions and images of the University in the movies, trying to identify those issues and aspects related to learning, teaching, and quality in higher education.

The opening, first session of CINEMACPUA will take place on Thursday 14th of April 2016 at 19:00h. More information about this event will be duly given


Aquitaine: Strategies on regional Higher Education

  • March 10th 2016, 9:00 h.
  • ACPUA offices, Videoconferences meeting room (Floor 3)

French higher education has been subject to an important transformation lately, and the focus on a regional strategy has been a key aspects. The region of Aquitaine, with which Aragon has great connections, is a very relevant example. (Seminar will be held in Spanish).

Presents: Jean-Michel Uhaldeborde, Professor Emeritus and former Rector of the Pau University.



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