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ACPUA + Students

Students play a very important role in QA and improvement in the EHEA. This program is aimed at reinforcing student participation in ACPUA's boards and activities, while fostering students cooperation and feedback, and promoting their participation in QA, both within and outside Aragon. 

1. Communication: activities aimed at creating a regular dialog with students and student organizations in order to get regular feedback, opinions, and suggestions.

  •  How can students participate in QA evaluations and contribute to the improvement of Higher Education? Click here to learn about what we do and how YOU can help!
  • Online forum ACPUA + Estudiantes
  • ACPUA Seminars dedicated to students and student participation, FAQ, etc. (in collaboration with University of Zaragoza and San Jorge University).
  • Regular meetings with student organizations, surveys, etc.

2. Student training: workshops and trainings aimed at preparing students to be QA reviewers and panel members outside Aragón. Currently, ACPUA and the basque agency Unibasq are developing a joing student training program.

3. Participation: student participation in ACPUA's comittees and boards:

  • Governing Board
  • Evaluation Committees
  • All reviewer panels.

To reinforce our evaluations independence and to avoid conflicts of interest, all student reviewers belong to University Systems outside Aragón.



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