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Quality policy


ACPUA has the aim of guaranteeing and promoting the quality of the university system of Aragon. Part of this aim is the development of useful links between the university, the social-productive fabric, the institutional decision-making bodies and the society of Aragon as a whole, as well as the promotion of the exchange of experience, not only with other national and international university systems but also with other educational levels (secondary education, vocational training, etc.).

In order to achieve this mission, ACPUA mainly develops technical assessment, certification and accreditation tasks. This activity of public service is complemented with research and prospective tasks and promotion activities for a quality education culture of higher education within the region.



Our vision at ACPUA is to be an agile and efficient agency that becomes indispensable in the area thanks to the seriousness and good operation of the activity it provides, without causing bureaucratic "overheating". By contributing the added value of the quality guarantee, we will be an essential reference for all the institutions and agents with education responsibilities in the region.

Furthermore, ACPUA is an open regional entity: it aims for the integration and interlocution with the main European and international university quality and assessment networks. We thereby aspire to become a qualified agency outside Aragon and a recognised interlocutor in the European scene on university quality and assessment.

To achieve this vision, ACPUA must abide in all its procedures and actions by the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG). With transparency, independence of judgement and commitment with the accountability we sustain reflection, ongoing improvement and creativity.

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