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The Statute of Autonomy of the Autonomous Community of Aragon recognizes its competences in the sphere of “procurement” (art. 75.12). In this regard, and to complement state legislation on Public Sector Contracts, Act 3/2011, February 24 concerning measures relating to Public Sector Contracts in Aragon was passed.


These regulations were the first of their kind to adopt measures that simplify the procedures involved in the adjudication of public contracts. Such measures included accepting affidavits as a means of accreditation of tenderers’ solvency and simplified rules for open procedures. Furthermore, they established the obligation of social reserves in public contracts, aware the strategic nature of public contracts for the development of public policies.


The Autonomous Community of Aragon keeps a Register of Tenderers. The certificates issued by the Registry exempt entrepreneurs from the obligation of presenting documents required in the procurement procedures called by the procurement bodies of the Autonomous Community of Aragon.


A significant part of procurements is carried out centrally through the Centralized Procurement Directory to which other Administrations and Public Entities may also adhere. For this purpose, there are Framework Agreements in which the characteristics and price of goods and services are stipulated, but the actual purchase is channelled through a subsequent process (derivative contract). Certain goods and services are also acquired for the whole Administration of the Autonomous Community and member entities by means of a centralized process.


Furthermore, the Autonomous Community has the Advisory Board for Public Contracts which is the consultation entity for procurement contracts carried out by the Administration, public bodies, public sector companies and foundations in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, as well as public universities and local institutions located in its territory.


Also to be noted is the important control function performed by the Administrative Tribunal of Public Contracts of Aragon (TACPA in Spanish), an independent and specialized body that has the power to ascertain and resolve any special appeals, claims and issues of annulment regarding procurement that are filed in relation to the adjudicatory powers of the Autonomous Community of Aragon.



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