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Busqueda de socios

Búsqueda de socios para un proyecto ErasmusPlus 2017 -,KA1 - EAC/A03/2016 (Strategic partnership youth)

La Fundación Guzzetti con sede en Milán está interesada en ponerse en contacto con escuelas y organización que hayan participado en al menos un proyecto europeo, para participar en la convocatoria "ErasmusPlus 2017 - KA1 - EAC / A03 / 2016 (Asociación estratégica para la juventud)", para establecer y probar un sistema de bienestar innovador que pase de la oferta a la demanda con respecto a los jóvenes inmigrantes.

Fechas límite para la busqueda de socio: 10 de septiembre 2017

Más información:

Guzzetti Foundation
Michele Rabaiotti
Skype: mikeraba
Tel: (+39) 02-

Fundación Guzzetti


Busqueda de socios para un proyecto de Europa Creativa relacionado con la industria del plastico

The Departement of Haute-Loire is looking for three european partners to participate in a small-scale Creative Europe Project that would be implement from 2018 to 2022.

It aims at creating a durable social local dialogue between the inhabitants (the audience), the stakeholders of the area and the companies, in order to enable them to understand better the evolutions and transformations of the plastic industry, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In concrete terms, the project consists in:

  • Creating spaces for dialogue and thinking, between the audience, the companies (managers and workers), and the local public and private stakeholders ;
  • Creating tools for mediation between the audience, the companies (managers and workers), and the local public and private stakeholders ;
  • Creating spaces for training and educating the audience, the companies (managers and workers), and the local public and private stakeholders.

The audience is composed by the inhabitants of the area, among whom we find the young people (in leisure centres and primary or middle schools) and their families, and people with difficulties: elderly, disabled, jobless, etc.

More information can be delivered if asking at or at 0033471074366

Creative Europe Project


Busqueda de socios para crear un red de "Europe Clubs" en escuelas

"Europe Clubs" are small groups of pupils who meet during lunchtime or after class to play games or work on a creative project about Europe. The clubs are managed by teachers or members of school staff on their free time. The pupils are aged between 11 and 14 years old. 

It is an initiative of  the County Council of Calvados (in Normandy region), which is in charge of managing those schools ("collèges" in French). The County wants to raise European awareness among 11-14 years old pupils. Every year, a Europe Day for all pupils of "Europe Clubs" of Calvados (about 200 pupils) takes place in May. The foreign partners of Europe Clubs are invited to participate in the Europe Day. There are currently 5 Europe Clubs from other EU countries: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Lithuania and Italy. Pupils and teachers are hosted in families of the partner school.

Since 2015, our EDIC works with the Calvados Council to help the Europe Clubs with their projects. Several French "Europe Clubs" told us that they are looking for EU partners to work with during the year and to host them in May. So here is our question: 

Do you know if something similar to "Europe Clubs" exist in your area? If not, do you know teachers in your local area who would be interested in creating a "Europe Club" in their school and working with a French "Europe Club"? 

Here is a full description in English of the Europe Clubs initiative:

If you need more information, we would be pleased to answer your questions. You can contact us directly by email or by phone 00 33 2 31 66 18 30

Europe Clubs


Horizonte 202 - Portal de busqueda de socios

Encuentre socios para sus ideas de proyecto entre los participantes en proyectos anteriores de la UE.

Introduzca una palabra clave o un tema de una convocatoria de propuestas anterior, para encontrar organizaciones relacionadas.

Búsqueda por criterios geográficos o por tipos de organización.

Horizonte 2020


Busqueda de socios para el programa "Mobility Plan" en Montpellier - Francia

Looking for:

- for short videos which may show how students of other europeans countries are getting around , as part of the raising awareness action in colleges about soft and alternative modes of transport (eg. bicycle etc),

- for educational tools, videos, once again for the soft and alternative modes of transport, but this time in order to raise awareness among territorial agents on the occasion of the European mobility week 2017.

If you are interested please contact:

Centre d'informatión Europe Direct LR Georges Sutra de Germa



Herramienta para la búsqueda de socios para programas en Erasmus +

  • Esta herramienta en línea tiene como objetivo ayudar a identificar proyectos potenciales socios en el marco de los programas Erasmus +: Alianzas para el conocimiento y las competencias sectoriales Alianzas.
  • Esta herramienta online tiene como objetivo ayudar a identificar socios potenciales para el desarrollo de proyectos dentro del marco de Erasmus +: programa de deportes



Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Interactive professional resume creation and evaluation platform for primary school students

NAME OF THE PROJECT: Interactive professional resume creation and evaluation platform for primary school students

ACRONYM: CV platform for Kids


  • 2nd Primary School of Kavala, Greece
  • University of Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Department of Environmental Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, Xanthi, Greece  

 SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: This is an innovative e-learning platform (it will produce software / web superior application), which aims to develop creativity, imagination and craftsmanship among children about entrepreneurship. This platform will guide the younger primary students, to take the first steps in their professional field and to acquire a first experience of life related to entrepreneurship. By using this platform, the young students will have the opportunity to create their first professional profile (professional biography), using an automated wizard (wizard) that will encourage them to build "digital professional identity". Students will have the ability to self-assess and at the same time, evaluate the first "professional" profile of their peers, which will help especially to cultivate and develop their critical thinking through this interactive digital platform. They will discover how they can be charmed by the personality and their skills, building a professional profile which will be evaluated by their peers. Through this platform special attention is given to developing entrepreneurial skills from an early age and linking the education system to the world market. Students from primary education learn and already know the importance of their professional development and the steps of the creation of a good professional CV.

We are looking for partner countries to join us. If you are interested, please contact:

Contact person:  Mr Vlastaris Costas, Principal of the 2nd Primary School of Kavala




Partner search REMTH - MULTI-TRA Tools project SO 2.3 MED INTERREG

The region of East Macedonia & Thrace is searching for regional partners in Spain, France and Portugal for project proposal under the 2nd call of INTERREG MED.

MULTI-TRA TOOLS (concept note in attachment) is an integrated project proposal to be submitted under the S.O. 2.3 of the program and aims at developing tools to promote efficient multimodal low-carbon transport schemes.

If you are interested please contact:

Christos Partsias

Scientific-Technical Support & Programmes Implementation Department

Regional Development Fund

Region of East Macedonia & Thrace

D. Tsetine  7. 69100 . Komotini . GR

Tel. + 30 25 31 08 30 00/12 – Fax +30 25 31 08 30 29



ErasmusPlus - KA 1 Project on the topic of Transparency in the Educational Field

Adult Education School "García Alix" in the city of Murcia (South-east of Spain) is looking for educational institutions (schools, public entities or departments in charge of educational policies, civil society agents or organisations working  for Open Governement Partnership, etc.) with the aim of developing an Erasmus+ Action KA1 Project on the topic of Transparency in the Educational Field including:

  •    Teacher training  courses/seminars on the issue of transparency in educational institutions.
  •    Job shadowing activities in institutions which already count on a transparency system.

If you are interested please contact  ASAP to Isabel Aráez on


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