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Busqueda de socios

Herramienta para la búsqueda de socios para programas en Erasmus +

  • Esta herramienta en línea tiene como objetivo ayudar a identificar proyectos potenciales socios en el marco de los programas Erasmus +: Alianzas para el conocimiento y las competencias sectoriales Alianzas.
  • Esta herramienta online tiene como objetivo ayudar a identificar socios potenciales para el desarrollo de proyectos dentro del marco de Erasmus +: programa de deportes



Local Project Title - Sport Aberdeen in the Community - Erasmus+ Sport project

Background:  A unique selling point of Sport Aberdeen is that we have sports centres in different communities across Aberdeen city.  However, we recognise that there are still some gaps in provision, and that lack of easy access to a local facility offering appropriate activity options can be a barrier to supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing, especially in areas of higher deprivation.

What we are looking for:  We would like to investigate ways of delivering “Sport Aberdeen in the Community” where alternate community venues e.g. community centres, care homes, or even bingo halls are used to host activities to help improve the health and wellbeing of people in these local communities and help reduce health inequalities.

Why do we see a need for doing this:  Research suggests that for some, these non-traditional venues may be less threatening to an individual compared to a typical sports centre and therefore would be more appealing as a location for those that would not ordinarily engage in physical activity.  Similarly some locations simply lack any sport centre provision and therefore for those for whom mobility or access to transport is an issue or barrier there is a need to look at alternative options within their community.

Experience:  Sport Aberdeen has some very limited experience of delivery physiotherapy lead classes in two community locations across the cry and has established links with partners in a care home and sheltered housing complexes who would like to explore innovative ways of delivery.

What partners are we looking for: We would appreciated the opportunity to learn from other approaches taken by other cities to help shape both the design and delivery of this project more broadly.

If you are interested in being a part of this project please contact Susan Fraser by the 20th January 2017.


3rd Health Programme Work Plan 2016, Call: PP-2-2016 Pilot project on “Severe mental disorders and the risk of violence: pathways through care and effective treatments strategies”

(AFESMO) is an organisation for mental illness people and their relatives. The Project is entitled “Improve ways of life of mental health sufferers” and the profile of partner searched is:

o   Mental Health Associations.
o   Public Administrations.
o   Mental health primary care professionals.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to Javier at

Deadline to receive partnership proposals: 20/01/2017.



Proyecto CULT-COOP-09-2017 European cultural heritage, access and analysis for a richer interpretation of the past

“European cultural heritage, access and analysis for a richer interpretation of the past


Project Leader: Tor Vergata University (Rome), ISTI – CNR (Pisa), ITALY

Scope: In order to better understand and inform the present by richer interpretations of the past, actions should create affordable and efficient digital access, documentary methods analysis and preservation services for cultural resources. This should be achieved by tackling issues such as automatic contextualisation and identification of content and by developing analytical tools, including methods for automatically finding content which is semantically similar to a given item, or content which is related to a given high-level concept. This aspect also calls for fundamental work related to the philosophy of meta-data designs especially of language-based data that should be in close coherence with the architecture and typology of human conceptual systems. Actions should also develop innovative tools and methods to extract meaning from digital artefacts (including video recordings, audio recordings, digital images, text, multispectral and thermal information and 3D representations of objects or scenes) considering also the spatio-temporal dimension and the quality of the digital content in order to allow the study and preservation of European heritage. The work must fundamentally address the issue of data quality and interoperability.

Proposal: Commission emphasised that the focus of the call which we intend to apply to, is on collections in archives, museums, and at cultural heritage sites that contain a wealth of digital texts, images, audio-visual content and 3D representations of objects or scenes, which are largely inaccessible to both computers and humans because not sufficiently tagged with adequate metadata. The proposals that apply to this call are asked to invent new ways of taking into account the state of the art in computer science and big data management, for identifying the content of the items in such collections, making such items discoverable and accessible.

We wish to work on large collections of digitised data about theatrical performances, that are not accessible and not sufficiently tagged with adequate metadata.

We seek to collaborate with libraries and archives that have invested funds for the digitization and therefore have increased their digital assets, possibly in significant quantities, but have not had the possibility of adequately tagging the digitized assets with the appropriate metadata.Furthermore, we need to collaborate with Institutions or Museums that are interested in the Call and our project. They have to be in possessions with this kind of collections and data. In return, the project will employ advanced techniques for analysing the items in these collections and determine the contents of those items, and link them with similar items.

Budget: 3.000.000 € -4.000.00€

Call deadline (1st stage): 2/2/2017

Contacts: Donatella Gavrilovich,; Carlo Meghini,



ErasmusPlus - KA 2 - Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices

The school "Liceo Galileo Galilei" in Legnano  (Lombardy Region - Italy) is looking for partners in order to participate to the Call ERASMUSPLUS Key Action 2 with deadline 29 th March 2016


The school are looking for partners with  the following characteristics :

-        high schools with students aged between 15- 19

-        schools with a high percentage of enrolments deriving from non native families

Throughout the project they will focus on an active involvement of students who are members of families that immigrated to the country and will be attending school in the new country. They will examine their needs and problems using surveys focusing on these aspects ; after comparing practices and sharing experiences they will produce an e-book to be shared among schools and other organizations present in the territories  with the final aim of involving everyone.

The results will be diffused   through a website, conferences , etc.

Duration of the project: 24 months.

Deadline of the partner search: 16th January 2017

For further information and contacts:

tel. +39 0331 549398  



Erasmus + project, Key Action 2, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

The Bulgarian “Ekzarh Antim I” Maths and Science High School - Vidin would like to participate as partner in Erasmus + programme.

The teachers would be reliable partners as they are flexible and hard-working. They have experience in Comenius, Erasmus + and Cross-Border Programmes.

Students are winners in most of the national competitions they attend. They show competences in different fields including sports, Maths, IT, Science, Robotics, theatre plays, they have European awareness, management qualities and language affinity.

It would be useful to share good practices and experience, to offer different opportunities to our students while working on a project together.

The contact person

          Loreta Borisova, email:, telephone:+359889704530.

The deadline for applying is 31.03.2017.



ErasmusPlus - KA 1 Project on the topic of Transparency in the Educational Field

Adult Education School "García Alix" in the city of Murcia (South-east of Spain) is looking for educational institutions (schools, public entities or departments in charge of educational policies, civil society agents or organisations working  for Open Governement Partnership, etc.) with the aim of developing an Erasmus+ Action KA1 Project on the topic of Transparency in the Educational Field including:

  •    Teacher training  courses/seminars on the issue of transparency in educational institutions.
  •    Job shadowing activities in institutions which already count on a transparency system.

If you are interested please contact  ASAP to Isabel Aráez on


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